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95W computer are designed for panel mount. The enclosure case is machined from aluminum billet, Hard Coat anodized for durability and strength. The screen is fully sealed and contains a patented design molded polycarbonate faceplate that protects the display from breaking. By the nature of the touch screen, heavy scratches or dents do not affect the operation of the touch areas.

This product is the perfect solution for industrial harsh environment. Typical applications for this computer are packaging machinery, industrial automation, machine shop, kiosk, military applications.

Typical specs for the 95W Series computer:
  • 486 CPU PC104 Single board computer
  • 10.4 TFT LCD display. 640x480 resolution
  • 24Vdc Input (9-44VDC)
  • Floppy drive
Configurable options:
  • Ethernet
  • 48 line Digital I/O
  • 110-240 Vac input
  • Infra Red Touch screen
  • CPU 486-P4
  • Multi-Axis motion controller (4-8)
  • Hard drive to 100Gb
Operating Systems:

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