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Word Machinery, Inc had designed a wide variety of product that suit specific needs. When we were unable to find these items anywhere in the world, we simply developed them for the intended purpose. We offer these items to others as they become available. We hope that they might fulfill the needs of others as well.

I/O Test Board

The 9518-0100 IO diagnostic board is designed to diagnose the input and output functionality of a computer IO board and Opto 22 IO rack. It provides a tool to determine which components has a failure if any exist.

The onboard switches allow manual turning on and off of a specific input and output. The onboard LEDs provide the indication of the status of an IO line. Available for any devices that control an Opto 22® 24 channel IO rack(Part#G4PB24) or GrayHill 24 channel IO rack(Part#70GRCQ24-HL). User manual is available upon request.


Lens-Filter-Bezel (Patent: US 6,900,795 B1) assures touch screen reliability and protection in the harshest environment. This LFB provides a strong waterproof protection to the expensive video display. It also works very well with an infrared touch screen. The LFB is a perfect candidate for submerged applications and the harshest industrial environment. Moreover, it has excelled in food processing applications for many years. The unitary LFB is made out of special polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable. The design incorporates the Lens, Filter, and Bezel as one molded piece. Word stocks the following sizes for the following infra red frames:

Compatible 8.9" IR touch screen models:
8.9" Vishay-Dale Frame P/N: TIP-3220PBS-5 AND TIP-3220FBS-6

WMI is willing to design and manufacture any sizes of LFB that will fit into specific needs of the customer. Custom size of LFB are available.

Please call for info on ordering or special pricing.